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Sunday Masses

Our Sunday masses are in person on Saturday at 5pm in the Church, Sunday at 7:45am in the Church, and 9am and 11am in the Gym on Sunday. During the school year we celebrate Family Mass in our church Sundays at 9am and 11am. You have the option of not wearing a mask at our masses. We are also offering a video mass of our Saturday Mass on our YouTube channel. Please note there will be no February 11, 2023 online mass due to unforeseen circumstances. 
ALERT! Minneapolis has gone to single sided parking on non-snow-emergency streets until April 2023. No parking on West and North side of the street. Around the Parish Center and Church/Gym, this affects 45th Street and Clinton Avenue.

Parish Center Hours:

Monday-Thursday, 9am - 8pm
Friday, 9am - 3pm
Sunday, 8am -12:30pm
For onsite meetings, work with your Ministry Director to coordinate rooms, times and integrating virtual with in-person meetings. 

Find us at...

4537 Third Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55419
Phone: 612.823.8205, Fax: 612.825.7028


Parking Sunday Mornings

We have a limited size parking lot that fills quickly. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of Mass. When parking on the neighboring streets, please be considerate of our neighbors and do not block driveways, intersections or park in on-street handicap posted areas. On-street parking can be restricted during the winter. We will put up an announcement slide before Mass, post on the website and post on Facebook if there are parking restrictions put into place. Parking all other days is not a problem.

Metro Transit Bus & Light Rail Information

To find bus schedules from your home to SJA, use the Quick Trip Planner at, type in your address and SJA's (4537 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis) to get schedules.