Funeral Notices

Funeral Notices

"Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them." 

Dave Youngren
Passed away June 14, 2024
Funeral June 27 11am Mass, Visitation 10am

Bob Frawley
Passed away June 11, 2024
Funeral July 20 - details TBD

Betty Kent
Passed away May 31, 2024
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Betty Scully
Passed away May 31, 2024
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Jean Ann Kennedy
Passed away May 26, 2024
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Linda Duffy
Passed away May 17, 2024
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Wayne Tollefson
Passed away May 19, 2024
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John Reichert, MD
Passed away May 2, 2024
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Charles "Charlie" Dunlevy
Passed away April 30, 2024
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Jerry Young
Passed away April 29, 2024
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Catherine Eilers
Passed away April 26, 2024
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Funeral service at Carondelet Chapel in St. Paul

Bill Velte
Passed away April 25, 2024
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Margie Thurin
Passed away April 7, 2024
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Tamara Sorenson
Passed away March 27, 2024
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Carol Sue Fourre
Passed away January 22, 2024
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Dianne Rumley
Passed away February 21, 2024
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Patricia Anne Walsh
Passed away February 9, 2024
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Lynn Ostroushko
Passed away December 31, 2023
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Dorothy Stearns
Passed away December 16, 2023
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Robert "Paul" Kennedy
Passed away November 13, 2023
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Jack Burbridge
Passed away July 23, 2023
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Bill Willner
Passed away November 16, 2023
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Gene O'Neill
Passed away November 6, 2023
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Jeff Paul
Passed away October 11, 2023
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Carol Krush
Passed away September 24, 2023
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Gary Meitz
Passed away August 31, 2023
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Bob Stevens
Passed away August 2, 2023
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Joe Egan
Passed away July 23, 2023
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Marie Goblirsh
Passed away May 29, 2023
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Karen Orren
Passed away May 31, 2023
Funeral was in June

Robert Thompson
Passed away May 9, 2023
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John Fierce
Passed away May 19, 2023
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Angelo Percich
Passed away December 23, 2022
Celebration of Life July 1, 2023 @ 11am in the church

Jerry Medley
Passed away April 30, 2023

Al Mazig
Passed away April 27, 2023
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David Shriver
Passed away April 13, 2023
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Susan Shukey Keenan
Passed away April 12, 2023
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Kathleen Hlavacek
Passed away April 4, 2023
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Robert "Rob" Brown
Passed away March 25, 2023
Funeral May 3, 1:30pm

Patrick Shaughnessy
Passed away March 24, 2023
Funeral May 12, 11am

Marcia Boehlein
Passed away March 12, 2023
Funeral June 10, 11am

Jerrald "Jerry" Olson
Passed away March 10, 2023
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Susanne Langworthy
Passed away February 27, 2023
Funeral June 2, 11am

Barbara Ann Schubring 
Passed away February 25, 2023
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Jean Marie Martinson
Passed away February 8, 2023
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Bob Wright
Passed away February 6, 2023
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Georgia Pomroy
Passed away January 30, 2023
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Patricia (Pat) Welna
Passed away January 17, 2023
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Polly Mann
Passed away January 12, 2023
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James (Jim) Potts
Passed away January 7, 2023
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Thomas Patrick Jay
Passed away December 29, 2022
Funeral was January 13, 2023

Ivamae Lang
Passed away December 24, 2022
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Charles Nelson
Passed away December 14, 2022
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Joan Nephew
Passed away December 12, 2022
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Blanche Wolfe
Passed away December 7, 2022
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Mary Knoll
Passed away November 15, 2022
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Alberta Johnson
Passed away October 13, 2022
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Del Hickman
Passed away October 13, 2022
Read Del's Obituary; Funeral May 20, 1:30pm

Dan Kleber
Passed away September 24, 2022
Funeral details pending

Paul Oman
Passed away September 12, 2022
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Patricia Spriggs
Passed away September 11, 2022
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Carla Kjellberg
Passed away August 28, 2022
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Rita Davis
Passed away August 10, 2022
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Robert 'Bob' Eichten
Passed away July 29, 2022
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Anne Kane
Passed away July 22, 2022
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Sharon Bortscheller
Passed away June 13, 2022
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Marie Braun
Passed away June 25, 2022
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Ben Olk
Passed away June 16, 2022
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Gerry Sell
Passed away June 12, 2022
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Mary White
Passed away November 6, 2020
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Barb Janisch
Passed away May 29, 2022
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Ruth Jacobsen
Passed away November 17, 2021
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M. Patricia Sipe
Passed away January 25, 2022

Paul Skrip
Passed away August 30, 2021
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Penny Amrani
Passed away February 18, 2022
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Brad Hinker
Passed away May 29, 2022
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James Daly
Passed away January 1, 2022
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Dennis Harren
Passed away April 26, 2022
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Anita Suess DaHinten
Passed away April 20, 2022
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Maurice "Moe" Failer
Passed away April 19, 2022
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Don Roufs
Passed away February 10, 2022
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Karen Fussy
Passed away February 8, 2022
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Bob Loftus
Passed away January 25, 2022
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Chuck MacDonald
Passed away Jauary 15, 2022
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Judy Beckers
Passed away January 2, 2022
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