Open to teens in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade, our program is grounded in relationship building, discernment, and service.  The schedule is below. It is a year for reflection, learning and growth.  There is a $200 program fee, payable upon registration. Scholarships are available.  The 2023-24 registration is closed.

Confirmation Schedule 2023-2024
Confirmation Coordinator for 2023-2024 is Donelle Poling.

Confirmation Mass Blessing: Sunday May 12th 9 and 11 Masses 
Confirmation Date: Thursday May 16th 7 PM Basilica

Community Engagement

You have chosen the community of St. Joan of Arc to discern what it means to become confirmed.  As part of your journey, we are asking you to engage in the community in a specific way.  Choose 3 events/meetings/celebrations outside of Sunday mass or the youth ministry program to learn more about our church community.  This could be attending a speaker, a concert, a prayer group, a reconciliation service, a baptism, a rally for justice, a meeting on how to respond to the homeless, etc. The possibilities are almost endless! You can find the form to reflect on your event here. 


Service is faith in action!  During this year of Confirmation preparation, each candidate has the opportunity to reflect on their faith and discern their place within the church.  What better way to think about faith than by putting it into actions that benefit the community?!  Choose 3 different service opportunities throughout the year to reflect on them in light of what we talk about in our meetings.  Why is a life of service important for people of faith?  What type of community is God calling us to be a part of creating?

Examples of service include: Micah service, Feed My Starving Children, serving a meal at a shelter, helping a neighbor with their yard work, picking up trash in your neighborhood, making face masks and donating them to folks who need them, helping sort donations at a food shelf, summer service trip, going grocery shopping for an elderly neighbor, and many others.  If you have questions about what may count as service, ask the Confirmation Coordinator. You can find the form to reflect on your service here.