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Sister Parish Summer 2018 Delegation

On Friday, August 10, a delegation of youth and adult parishioners left for Guatemala to spend 10 days with our Sister Parish family. They will live in homes in the community and travel to other parts of Guatemala, learning about issues that impact our brothers and sisters, and building on our 25 year relationship of faith and friendship.
Click on the links to see their blog posts: Day 1; Day 2; Day 3; Day 4; Day 5; Day 6; Day 7; Day 8; Day 9; Day 10
Sarah Gant shared a reflection on her Sister Parish experience at the Gym Masses on Sunday, September 9. You can read the text HERE.

Cathy Burrell
Mary Buhr
Meghan Grossman
Nancy Weins
Rick Nelson
Phil Sterner
Sarah Gant
Danilus & Patricia Cespedes-Schueller