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Sister Parish Articles & Special Communications

Through the years we have had occasion to highlight some of the Sister Parish activities and events in articles on the web. 

Nurturing Sister Parish Relationships During Pandemic
May 6 Update from Carrie Stengel
March 30 Update from Guatemala and Tierra Nueva Dos
Children's Christmas Party in TNII
International Women's Day 2019
Tamales and Solidarity
Sister Parish 2017 Annual Retreat
Sister Parish Celebration of St. Mark the Evangelist
Sister Parish Solidarity Walk
Sister Parish Spring Retreat
2016 Easter Alfombra
A tribute and prayer for our friend Gilberto Toribio
Tamale Dinner and a Movie Night
SJA Alfombra Featured in Sister Parish Inc e-Newsletter
The Message of Sister Parish...
Holiday Greetings 2015
Open delegation to Guatemala and El Salvador
   planned for November 2016

2015 Easter Alfombra
Sister Parish Annual Retreat
A Recycled Life - Film Review
The Story of a Human Rights Accompanier in Guatemala
Annual Guatemalan Children's Christmas Party 'Goes Green'
Solidarity Walk in Support of Sister Parish
Easter Alfombra Dedicated to 20-Year Relationship in Guatemala
Sister Parish 20 Year Anniversary Retreat
International Women's Day at TNII
Working Together To Develop Youth and Women in Guatemala
Generations in Solidarity Premier Recap
Generations In Solidarity: Sister Parish Documentary 
2013 Scholarship Thank-Yous
Christmas Wishes
Coming Together In Solidarity: Sister Parish 25th Anniversary Celebration
Sister Parish Member Bob Heberle Reflects 
Condolences from Sister Parish - Bob Heberle Passing
Cartas de Pesame Hermanamiento - Bob Heberle (English)  

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