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Sister Parish 2013 Scholarship Thank-You Letters

We have a 19 year Sister Parish relationship with a parish in Tierra Nueva Dos, a squatter community outside of Guatemala City. As part of our relationship of solidarity, we have been especially committed to projects in the community that provide opportunities for women and children, and we have been blessed to support scholarships for middle school students in TNII. There is a committee in Tierra Nueva Dos that meets to ensure that the children maintain their grades and are active leaders in both their parish and their community. Following are some "thank yous" we wanted to share!

Sister Parish - St Joan of Arc
I greet you cordially wishing you success in your daily work and that you have good health. The reason for this letter is to thank you for the visit (in 2012) to our beloved Guatemala.  Your presence was a pleasure for our community and our parish. I say goodbye to you hoping you pay us another visit to our country and our community.  I send you greetings and hugs. 
Cruz Edwardo Garcia Sic.

For: Sister parish of St Joan of Arc
I greet you cordially, hoping you are well and with many blessings on all you do. This letter is to thank you for all the help you send me.  Also, to greet you hoping that God sends many blessings over you and your families.  I send you many hugs and greetings. 
Cruz Edwardo Garcia

From Guatemala, the land of the eternal Spring, greetings for all of our brothers and sisters of St Joan of Arc.  With much love on behalf of all the scholarship students of 2013, Terra Neuva II.  We hope to see you soon.
Johana Ramirez

Dear St Joan of Arc,
I greet you cordially – hoping you are in good health and that God is sending my blessings.  May God bless you.
Carlos Mejia

Dear brothers and sisters of St Joan of Arc
I hope you are well and healthy with your loved ones around you and success in your work.  Blessings for you. I am Olga Lanos.  I am the mother of Bryan Culajay and I thank you for giving him a scholarship.  May Jesus Bless you. I am a widow and the mother of three children.  Thank you for your great support brothers and sisters of St Joan of Arc. I say goodbye with a handshake and kisses.  Blessings to you St Joan of Arc. 
Mother: Olga Marina Larios
Children: Gustavo Adolfo Culajay, Bryan Emanuel Larios, Lesly Viviana Culajay

Brothers and Sisters of St Joan of Arc
I write to thank you for the scholarship that you sent me.  It is truly a great help.I hope you are in good health and with your families.  I wish you all prosperity in your lives.  May God bless you.
I love you.

Esteemed people of St Joan of Arc
I greet you very cordially wishing that Our lord Jesus Christ will send down many blessings on you and your families. With this letter, I wish to thank you for your donations and support of our scholarships.  Our group is growing, thanks to your efforts from afar. We are very pleased to receive your help and we are very sure that God is sending many blessings over you and that you are rewarded in your daily activities. One more time, I send my profound thanks and hope it won’t be the last opportunity to do so.
Jeffrey Alexander Santos Alvarez

Hello again.  I want to wish you blessings in your daily activities and to ask you to continue to help me with a scholarship next year.  It is a great help in paying monthly tuition and fees for a computer class.  I am hoping in God that I will pass my first year of middle school.  Thousands and thousands of blessings on behalf of me and the other scholarship students.
Juan Carlos Ajpop Lopez
Catarina Lopez Chitop

Brothers and sisters of At Joan of Arc
The reason for this letter is to thank you all for the scholarship help you have sent me for the last six years to be able to study. Also, to thank the delegations that come to Guatemala.  Every time you come, we are so happy to share with you in activities and to have you tell us of all your work in order for us to have scholarships.  I am a little sad as this is my last year in the scholarship group but I hope to continue to write. Thanking you for everything and wishing you so well and with your families and loved ones.
Angel Estuardo Munoz yoc   203

To our brothers and sisters of St Joan of Arc,
I greet you warmly.  I am a former scholarship recipient that wants to greet you and thank you for the help you sent me during my time in school until I graduated.  For this I ask our Creator to bless you abundantly.
Alvaro Antonio Secena Mendez

God bless you. 
First I want to thank Our Lady of Guadalupe (parish) for giving me the pleasure of knowing you. It wasn’t the nails that held Jesus to the cross but his love for you and me. You are people of many specialties with many gifts and talents. I want to thank you for allowing me to be part of this group. To show his power, God created the world.  To show His beauty and His eternal love and kindness, he created you all.  May the Virgin care for you. 
Ceilin Sacol

I am very happy to be a part of this great project.  It is a big help for me and my family and for that I greatly ask God to send many blessings over you and your lives.  May God guide you in your journey.  Everyone in Terra Neuva asks God to bless you.  You are great people and we trust that God will continue to give you life.  I say goodbye with a big hug.  May God bless you.
Yoselin Lisbet Diamirez Chavez

From Arlen to St Joan of Arc
I only want to say it gives me much pleasure to know you all.  It was a great experience.  Here in Tierra Neuva we miss you very much and we hope to see you soon.May God bless you and care for you always.

Above everything, I want you to have a cordial greeting in my name and that of my family.  I want to thank you for all the benefits you give us and every one of the scholarship students.  It is an honor to write you this letter.  I know it is a small thing but in this letter I put all the love I have for you.  I wish you many blessings in your daily activities.
With love from Juan Carlos

St Joan of Arc
I wish you a good day hoping you are well and that God will bless you today and always.  I would like to see you and get to know you and share with you.  I say goodbye with a big hug and a handshake.
Bye – Byran

I greet you hoping you find yourselves in good health and with your families and friends. The reason for this letter is to greet you and express all my thanks.  Every time someone comes here, it is a beautiful experience for you and for us. We are very happy and content when you come.  We share activities and we hear how much you work to send us this help.  It is very important that we reach our goals.  We know you don’t come every year but when you do it is wonderful to share with you.  Thanks you always.
Angel Estuardo Munoz

The best way to express our love of Christ is to help others believe that thanks to His great love, we can have a better world.Under the glance of God, we are all equal.  We are His beloved children, His great work, His image and likeness.  At all times, He protects us with great love. Your appearance, your race or your social conditions are not important.  Christ loves us all equally. May God bless our brothers and sisters of St Joan of Arc.
Jeffrey Santos