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The Saint Joan of Arc Outreach Fund

Living our faith, sharing our abundance, building God’s Kingdom of justice and peace in our world!

The SJA Outreach Fund is a designated, restricted fund. 100% of your contribution to the SJA Outreach Fund goes to SJA outreach. This fund cannot be  supported by the SJA operating budget so we rely on additional contributions made specifically to the SJA Outreach Fund.

SJA Outreach funding is dispersed through 3 entities:

  • SJA Justice Fund
  • CARE Fund
  • Sustaining Partnerships with Sister Parish, Mobile Loaves Twin Cities, Arm in Arm in Africa, Women Against Military Madness and Risen Christ Catholic School

Why give money to the SJA Outreach Fund? 

  • We leverage your contribution with those of other SJA parishioners to affect significant change
  • We have no overhead costs; your contribution goes directly to the needs of our community and the world
  • We support and honor our parishioners when they are in need 

We are committed stewards of your funds! Parishioners serve on the committees that make all funding decisions. To continue expanding this amazing and blessed work, we need your financial support. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the SJA Outreach Fund.  Simply make your check out to the “SJA Outreach Fund” and drop it in the collection basket or set up an automated contribution from your checking account

For more information about the Outreach Fun, contact Julie Madden jmadden [at] (subject: Justice%20Fund) , or call the parish office at (612) 823-8205.

SJA Justice Fund Grants
The St. Joan of Arc Justice Fund provides grants to organizations and projects that live out the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, and work for justice, peace and charity. Funded by the Outreach Fund (link), the Justice Fund supports our parishioners at work in the world and provides opportunities to partner with organizations that share our mission. 

To receive a Justice Fund grant, organizations, agencies and projects must significantly involve St. Joan parishioners as volunteers and leaders. Download the grant application.

2017 Spring Grant Awards
2016 Fall Grant Awards
2016 Spring Grant Awards
2015 Fall Grant Recipients
2015 Spring Grant Recipients
2014 Fall Grant Recipients
2014 Spring Grant Recipients
A Thank You

For more information about the Justice Fund, to submit a grant application, recommend an organization or volunteer, please contact Julie Madden at jmadden [at] (subject: Justice%20Fund)

The Saint Joan of Arc Care Fund provides life-giving support to parishioners and neighbors in need of emergency financial assistance. A committee of Saint Joan of Arc parishioners meets with people in need who have contacted us by telephone and by filling out a form addressing their need. A set amount of funds are available at the beginning of each month and distributed until exhausted.