Mental Health Ministry

Mental Health Ministry

"Our mission is to increase awareness on Mental Health while diminishing discrimination, stigma and secrecy associated with Mental Health challenges that many people encounter on their journeys. We strive to be a community where Mental Health challenges are accepted as a part of life, talked about and actively addressed through relationships, support, education, and resources.  We aim to achieve a whole wellness of mind, body and spirit in order to draw us even further into the mystery of the Body of Christ, [which we all are].

We look to be a body that holds dignity and respect for every member of our faith community, acknowledging their unique abilities and contributions.

As an informed and accepting faith Community, we need to support a safe and welcoming environment for all parishioners."

We house a Mental Health Resource Library in the Parish Center. There is a wealth of information on many different topics. You are welcome to visit the library and check out any materials you wish to take home and read. The library is available during Parish Center open hours.

To access additional Mental Health resources, you can visit Mental Health Connect