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Confirmation 2018


Registration for the 2019-2020 Confirmation year is now open!  Registration forms can be found in the Parish Center or downloaded.

Registration forms and all paperwork due by November 17th. Download the forms HERE.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is offered yearly to 10th and 11th grade parishioners. During this exploration of what it means to live as a person of faith, candidates reflect on past experiences of faith and religion, and discern the role of the Spirit in their lives.  Candidates examine the person of Jesus; His life, ministry and message and consider the decision of whether to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Confirmation is offered yearly, beginning in the Fall and registration takes place at an informational Sunday evening meeting in September. A link to the PDF Registration download is below.

Here is the list of dates for the 2020 Confirmation meetings:
Dec 1st, 2-6pm: First Retreat for teens and sponsors
Jan 5th, 6-8pm: First Session: the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Feb 9th, 6-8pm: Second Session: Sacred Scripture
Mar 1st, 6-8pm: Third Session: Catholic Social Teaching
Apr 5th, 6-8pm: Fourth Session: Church Year and Symbol
Apr 24-25, 5pm-8am: A Journey Home Retreat
May 3rd, 6-8pm: Fifth Session: Living a Moral Life
Jun-Aug: Summer break.  Candidates and sponsors can coordinate their own service projects and SJA community engagement experiences
Sept 13th, 6-8pm: Sixth Session: The Person of Jesus
TBD, 2-8pm: Final Retreat for teens and sponsors
Oct 25th, 9am and 11am: Blessing and Sending of the candidates at the gym Masses
TBD: Rite of Confirmation

Adult volunteers, with excellent teenage listening and communication skills are welcome to join in this dynamic ministry. Volunteers undergo a background check, sign SJA’s Code of Conduct and complete VIRTUS training. For more information about Confirmation or to volunteer, contact Rose Aspholm, 612.823.8205 or raspholm [at]

In addition to monthly sessions, the 12 month preparation process includes two retreats, service projects and sponsor/candidate gatherings which culminates with Confirmation at the Basilica of St. Mary or the St. Paul Cathedral. There is a $100 program fee, payable upon registration in mid-September. Scholarships are available. 

Our Confirmandos are helping with A Journey Home event!

Did you know? Over 9,000 Minnesotans experience homelessness on any given night
     Of those, 35% are children with their parents
     And 16% of those experiencing homelessness are youth under 18 or young adults on their own. 
         (2015 Wilder Research survey)

A Journey Home:  The Confirmation Class will be sleeping outside in boxes to raise awareness and funds for those experiencing struggles associated with homelessness. All funds raised will support the Care Committee, a program of the St. Joan of Arc Outreach Fund.

Community Engagement
You have chosen the community of St. Joan of Arc to discern what it means to become confirmed.  As part of your journey, we are asking you to engage in the community in a specific way.  Choose 3 events/meetings/celebrations outside of Sunday mass or the youth ministry program to learn more about our church community.  This could be attending speaker, a concert, a prayer group, a reconciliation service, a baptism, a rally for justice, a meeting on how to respond to the homeless, etc. The possibilities are almost endless!  Please complete three engagement activities by the end of the Confirmation process.

Service is faith in action!  During this year of Confirmation preparation, each candidate has the opportunity to reflect on their faith and discern their place within the church.  What better way to think about faith than by putting it into actions that benefit the community?!  Choose 3 different service opportunities throughout the year and reflect on them in light of what we talk about in our meetings.  Why is a life of service important for people of faith?  What type of community is God calling us to be a part of creating?  

Examples of service include: Micah service, Feed My Starving Children, serving a meal at a shelter, helping a neighbor with their yard work, picking up trash in your neighborhood, making face masks and donating them to folks who need them, helping sort donations at a food shelf, summer service trip, going grocery shopping for an elderly neighbor, and many others.  If you have questions about what may count as service, ask Rose or Brennan.

2020 Service Experience Reflection Form
2020 Community Engagement Reflection Form
Community Engagement and Service Experience Ideas