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Prayer Partners 2013 Schedule

Wednesday, Oct. 17th:  Fall Healing Service
7:00pm in the Church
Anyone experiencing pain or illness is welcomed to join the Prayer Partners and our community as we support in prayer and blessing this difficult time in your life.

Thursday, Nov. 1st:  Memorial Mass on the Eve of All Souls
7:00pm in the Gym
This Eucharistic service starts in the Memorial Garden by lighting the memorial fire and chanting the names of our deceased members from the past year. A Candle lighting ritual of remembrance is part of this very special Memorial Mass. Fr. Jim Debruycker presides.

Wednesday, Nov. 4th: Caregivers Prayer Service
7:00pm in the Church
We recognize that caregiving is important and can also be isolating. Join us as we pray together for support and understanding of this journey.


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