Let's Keep Walking Together


Let's Keep Walking Together

On Sunday October 16, Sister Parish had their annual Solidarity Walk. It was a cool and cloudy autumn day but the spirits of over 25 people warmed the group. Jason Haugland and David Schuller accompanied the group with their trumpet and guitar. 

Yearly Solidarity Walks are a time that the communities of St. Joan of Arc and Tierra Nueva Dos in Guatemala come together to support the mission of Sister Parish. Tierra Nueva Dos was with us in spirit. We walked around the block at St. Joan’s celebrating our 28-year relationship in prayer, reflection, song and fellowship. 

Station 1--Walking Together 
Think about your journey with Tierra Nueva Dos. How have you personally been changed and molded to recognize your brothers and sisters in Tierra Nueva Dos as part of your family? How have you been changed by your encounters with others? 

Station 2—Bound by Love 
Are there members of our human family that are harder to love? What are some of the things that might prevent us from loving others in our human family? What are some ways to overcome this? 

Station 3—We Care for Each Other 
Caring for each other calls us to action. What do we learn from our brothers and sisters in Central America? How can we challenge ourselves to take more and bigger steps towards creating a more just world?