Creating Our Future with SJA ISAIAH

Creating Our Future with SJA ISAIAH

Creating Our Future with SJA ISAIAH

Starting this summer, our SJA ISAIAH core team is hosting small group conversations that invite YOU to be an active participant in our public life together, grounded in the values of our faith.

Through these conversations, we will...
Celebrate successes at the MN legislature which reminded us (as do our principles of Catholic Social Teaching!) that our government can be a force for good when it is driven by the needs of regular people, by respect for human dignity, and by a commitment to the common good. During this session, more than 7000 ISAIAH folks joined an event at the capitol, and over 33,000 people contacted their legislator about our agenda. And our work made history!

Ask you to share your story and your experiences.  How have you or the people you love been impacted by the way our systems work now? What could be different? What is important to you about the future of our communities?

Invite you to shed any cynicism, apathy, or sense of powerlessness, and step into a hopeful future that you can be a part of – and a leader in - creating.

Please go to THIS LINK and register for one of the gatherings being offered, either in person in the parish center, or on Zoom, all led by fellow St. Joan of Arc members.

ISAIAH is a coalition of churches, mosques, and organizations in Minnesota working toward our vision of a multi-racial democracy, a caring economy, and a just climate future.  St. Joan of Arc is a member congregation of ISAIAH, and hundreds of parishioners have joined us on this journey.