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LGBTQ Celebrates 25 Years at SJA

On a truly gorgeous July Sunday, SJA parishioner Farmer Rick Klehr invited our St. Joan of Arc LGBTQ group to his beautiful farm for a reunion that celebrated 25 years of this powerful ministry at St. Joan of Arc. This group has been a steadfast presence in our parish, keeping us focused on the ultimate message of God's presence and our purpose: Love. Love. Love.

We were joined by many who have left our church but still treasure the connections that we have made on the journey. In our gathering, we are reminded of the deep pain that many of our group members have experienced in this church, and we celebrate the joy and hope that we have experienced, too. We are grateful to all who have brought us this far in the movement for justice and inclusion, and we look forward to the days ahead. What a blessing to SJA and to the church! And what a day of great food and great people.

For more information on the SJA LGBTQ group, please contact Julie Madden at the parish center.