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ISAIAH Press Conference with Muslim Leaders

SJA is a member congregation of ISAIAH, a coalition of more than 100 metro area faith communities working together for racial and economic justice. ISAIAH has been conducting trainings for Faith Delegates. These delegates are willing to commit to the caucus and convention process in Minnesota to forward an agenda that lifts up human dignity and builds the common good.

When ISAIAH conducted this caucus training in a local mosque, Muslim participants were accused by some political leaders in our community of being taught to "'penetrate' and 'infiltrate' America politics to enact a Muslim political agenda" (as reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune).

In response, ISAIAH and Muslim community leaders held a press conference to stand in solidarity with one another and decry language of division and fear. Many SJAers turned out for this event and were heartened by the spirit of unity and courage in the room. We will not allow our brothers and sisters of any faith tradition to be viewed with suspicion and distrust when they seek to participate in our political process. Catholic Social Teaching includes our right and responsibility to act on our faith in the public arena, working to change systems that are unjust and oppressive, and we welcome all people to this work.

Following the press conference, volunteers worked the phones, calling people around the state to attend their precinct caucuses on February 6 - it was a great day of advocacy and action together!