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Funerals 2015

Lauren Anne Wiley
Passed away December 31. 2015
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Richard (Dick) Cody
Passed away November 29, 2015
Funeral 1 February 2016

Frank Kenney
Passed away November 23, 2015
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William "Billy" Harrison Foster
Passed away October 28, 2015

Pauline Norman
Passed away October 17, 2015
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Judy Roy
Passed away September 24, 2015
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DeAnn Dankowski
Passed away September 28, 2015
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Dorothy Casserly
Passed away September 25, 2015
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Millie Clark
Passed away August 26, 2015
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Ron Willsher
Passed away August 19, 2015
No further details at this time.

Valeria "Val" Zwak
Passed away July 9, 2015
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Nancy Shelley Burbridge
Passed away July 3, 2015
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George Sell
Passed away May 29, 2015
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Henry "Hank" Warren Mallander
Passed away May 17, 2015
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Dean Edward Emanuel
Passed away May 12, 2015
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Jean Victoria Kiernan
Passed away May 8, 2015

Alice Mary Haddox
Passed away April 11, 2015
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Laverne Lanie
Passed away February 5, 2015
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John Myslajek
Passed away February 4, 2015
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