2022-2023 Concert Series

2022-2023 Concert Series

2022-2023 Concert Series
May 21
7:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Cabaret: Theater Latté Da presents: I SING BECAUSE
For 25 years Theater Latté Da has been creating adventurous musical theater: shining a light on issues of social justice, amplifying voices that have been silenced, and telling stories that resonate with the current world. 

In a musical, characters sing when words alone are not enough, when the heart cannot be fully expressed without breaking into song. I SING BECAUSE is a celebration of the heart, featuring Theater Latté Da favorites: Phinehas Bynum, Erin Capello, Jennifer Grimm, Britta Ollmann, Erin Nicole Farsté and Matt Riehle. Musical accompaniment by Jason Hanson, Piano, Greg Angel, Bass and Steve Grisdale, Drums. Music direction by Jason Hansen and Denise Prosek.
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