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The St. Joan of Arc EcoSpirits help us connect our spirituality and sense of justice with the earth, its systems and all its creatures. The earth, like all of creation, is sacred, and like a mother nurtures our lives and reveals the sacred to us. Eco-spirituality fosters an awareness of how we are interconnected with all of creation, so that we act wisely and learn to live justly respecting its abundance and rich diversity. 

Check out the video on how EcoSpirits Zerowaste work at Cabaret has transformed how we "do" events!

EcoSpirits Vision: We envision all people sustaining the Earth as a loving and healthy home for all of God’s Creation.

EcoSpirits Mission: Our belief in a creating and sustaining God calls us to recognize the inter-connectedness and sacredness of all creation. We are challenged to become leaders and collaborators to inspire, educate and act to create systemic change that will empower all to live in harmony with the Earth.

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