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Delegation listening to stories

Day Three 2014 Delegation

After staying with our families, we started our Sunday with a 6:15 Mass. A little challenging for our 11:00 o'clockers after a couple of short nights of sleep.

But its all great! We were treated to a wonderful breakfast meal on white table linen and beautiful plates and cups after Mass.

We then had our Committee Meeting with the Committee from Tierra Nuevo Dos with our delegation and the Sister Parish, Inc. staff in attendance as well. We listened as the Tierra Nuevo Dos members shared their heartfelt stories and concerns with us. 

We looked forward to spending our lunch, dinner and evening sharing with our faithful gracious host families.

Our delegation is blessed to be here and we are honored to represent St Joan of Arc at our Sister Parish.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Phillip Sterner for our 2014 North to South SJA Sister Parish delegation