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Day Five 2014 Delegation

Another walk today.  We went to Guatemala City Centro. The memorial for Archbishop Gerardi and the pillars with the names of those who were killed, tortured, or disappeared during the Conflict provided an extremely visual picture of the Conflict.  The altar at the Cathedral was so beautiful.  

Then 15 of us piled into the van for the LONG drive to Coban.  The start and finish picture tells the whole story of the trip.


First day in Coban!! We had a good experience today. We saw the good side of Guatemala starting with the coffee plantation. We learned a lot about how the coffee is grown and made. While we were at the coffee plantation we also had 4 delegates go on the zipline, 1 of them even over came their fear of heights! Then we headed over to the land rights organization UVOC. This is were we started to Dee a little bit about the bad side.We learned a lot about the indigenous cultures in Guatemala and what their struggling with. Everything is going great so far :)

Please continue to pray for us while we our on this delegation.