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Day 5, Tuesday, August 20: Escape to The Cabin

On Tuesday morning our friends from Guatemala attended an intimate morning mass with the Saint Joan of Arc weekday mass “regulars.”  Then we all loaded up the coolers, sunscreen and beach towels to carpool out to the cabin.  For a true Minnesota cultural experience, our delegates enjoyed a warm welcome to Vagle’s cabin.  After lunch we rode the pontoon boat to the beach, jumped in the lake and played, visited and laughed the afternoon away.  What a perfectly hot and humid summer day it was!  
Miriam, the aerobics instructor for the women’s group in Tierra Nueva II in Guatemala, lead the willing students in a dance aerobics class before dinner.  We really tested the speakers in Vagle’s cabin with the pumping Latin beats at maximum volume!  Julie definitely had the best zumba moves.

After dinner (grilled by Fred) the group listened to the loons, prayed, shared and sang in Spanish and English as the sun set over the beautiful lake.  As the night wound down, we had some ladies’ bonding time over pedicures and manicures.  The moon shone so bright we all had to go back out to admire it.

Wednesday morning at the cabin started slowly with quiet reflection for some, a group yoga session for others and a big brunch for all.  After brunch we spent some time in prayer, reflection and song before heading back to the city.

Thank you, Vagles for your gracious hospitality at Ozwalden.  The experience brought us closer to our Guatemalan sisters and brothers and each other.  It was a true Minnesota family vacation!

Meghan Grossman

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