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Day 3: Sunday, August 18: A Big Welcome!

On Sunday, SJA warmly welcomed our friends from Guatemala. Marleny, Yoli, Miriam, Gilberto, Padre Isidoro, Carrie and their host families joined us at 11:00 mass as we listened to a message of solidarity, justice and peace. Father Jim introduced the delegates to the parish and many parishioners had a chance to speak with them after mass. In the evening, over 70 people assembled in Hospitality Hall for a potluck "fiesta" to celebrate their arrival.  We got to know each other through introductions, mixer games (a new version of “rock, paper, scissors”!) and socializing over a delicious potluck dinner.   New friendships are being formed, and long-time friendships are being renewed.  It couldn’t have been a better day.


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