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Day 10: Sunday, August 25: Our Family Together

Earlier in the week the delegates from Guatemala spent time at the state fair enjoying the Great Minnesota Get-Together – but today it felt like we were living the Great St. Joan of Arc Get-Together!
In the morning the delegates and SJA parishioners gathered at both Gym Masses to share our faith, socialize (and enjoy a piece of cake), celebrate the last ten days and start saying goodbye.  Padre Isidoro concelebrated mass and rest of the delegates participated as well.  The homily was presented by Padre Isidoro and Marleny, who spoke from their hearts about their faith in God and the joy they have in our hermanamiento. They reminded us that together we are a family that encourages and inspires each other.  Marleny ended by saying, “Living in unity with our sister parish is the most beautiful way we can live, this appreciation, this mutual respect, this equality – that is the building of the Kingdom, that is what it means to follow Jesus.”

The afternoon was spent relaxing with host families and then we all came together for the grand finale, the Sister Parish potluck dinner.  Once again, about seventy community members gathered in Hospitality Hall for fun and fellowship.  We sang, prayed, played human bingo, enjoyed a skit by the delegates (Gilberto and Padre Isidoro were mighty trees!), and of course ate a delicious dinner.  There were tears, laughter and many hugs as we said goodbye to our brothers and sisters.
Adios, until the next time!

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