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The Artist Meets the President

Tessie Bundick’s parlor walls begin to tell her story. Tessie is a long-time St. Joan’s choir member whose paid job is that of illustrator and make-up artist. After growing up in Texas, she took a summer job at Glacier Park, making friends with Minnesotans who convinced her that the state and its people were truly “nice,” and so, a Minnesotan she became.

About four days before President Obama’s visit to MN, Tessie got a phone call asking if she would be available on July 26. Luckily, she said, “yes.” She was then told that the clients would be George Stephanopoulos and President Obama. Days of vetting followed. “Fortunately,” she says smiling, “I’ve led an exemplary life.”

One reason for Tessie’s popularity among the media is her professionalism. Even under normal circumstances, her sponges, brushes, puffs and products have to be pristine. For the President, she overhauled her case.

Tessie was amazed by the scope of the security procedures, but her moment arrived. When she walked into the cordoned-off area where the President was talking to staff, he jumped up and gave her a big hug. “He couldn’t have been more genuine, kind, charismatic and joyful.”

The photo of Tessie’s unforgettable day may find its way to her parlor wall.