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2015 Easter Alfombra

Did you notice the richly colored alfombra ("carpet" in Spanish) outside of St. Joan of Arc on Easter Sunday? 

For hundreds of years, Guatemalans have created these elaborate carpets (made of colored sawdust, flowers and other natural materials) to line the routes of the many processions held during Lent. These carpets have developed into an amazing artistic display of faith and devotion, taking hours to create, only to be trampled by the procession in a matter of seconds.

In honor of SJA's sister parish relationship with Our Lady of Guadalupe church in Tierra Nueva II, Guatemala, a team of Sister Parish committee members and parishioners created this carpet to share Guatemalan culture and stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers. This year's theme was, "Now Is The Moment." Following the 11am mass on Easter Sunday, a joyous procession marched through the alfombra.

Alfombra Description: This year’s alfombra design reflects Saint Joan of Arc’s Lenten theme in a very general sense – time.  Circular patterns and spirals symbolize the concept of time and the passage thereof across many cultures.  A central sundial or calendrical pattern in the shape of a 12-petal flower (spring) dominates the design and is surrounded by swirling vines and 4-petaled flowers (the cross and four-directions). Coincidentally, these circular patterns are commonly found in the traditional alfombra designs in Guatemala during Holy Week.

A big thank-you to all who helped create this year's alfombra. Check out details about our Sister Parish relationship that has been active for 21 years.