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YM Summer Stretch Recap

Brennan Hall, SJA Youth Ministry Coordinator, provided us with a quick recap of Summer Stretch on June 28th:

  • 11 amazing youth attended. Of those, about half were not active in last years club and small group. We anticipate almost all being active this coming year through their experiences in our summer programming.
  • 120 Sandwiches made. 
  • 150 bagged lunches to offer square meals, thanks to the donations of our parishioners. 
  • 60 minutes of conversation, a tour, and questions @ Simpson Housing fielded by Jessica Lamb, volunteer coordinator, and parishioner and Simpson staff Charlotte Kinzley. 

Simpson Housing, a SJA Justice Grant recipient, has groups come in to make and serve dinner and breakfast. Most days they are able to get groups - but not all. If you haven't been to Simpson Housing, or an overnight shelter like Simpson, I encourage you to seek one out and volunteer. 

We had an opportunity to see what it would be like staying in a shelter. The staff does the best they can with what they have. They do their best to make all feel welcomed. They have movies playing every Friday night with a line-up for several weeks. Old couches make up the theater seating. They encourage community.

What we did for Simpson will help them provide for their guests, but being able to see Simpson firsthand hopefully helped our young people understand just a little bit more why we welcome and love all of our neighbors. 

*Our youth were especially concerned with this fact, which many of you know: the (now increased) minimum wage in Minneapolis for small businesses is 10.25/hr.- about $1640 a month full time. For large businesses: $1800. The average price for a two bedroom home in MSP is roughly $1200/mo., leaving only a few hundred dollars for food, childcare, phone service, etc. 

Once we left Simpson, it was onward to Lake Nokomis where we had fun in the sun to cap off the day.