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Welcome the Stranger Serves 'Thank You' Lunch to ILCM

As a gesture of thanks and appreciation, the SJA Welcome The Stranger Ministry recently served a hot chili and fixings lunch to the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota (ILCM) staff.  ILCM provides free brief legal advice and full representation to low income immigrants and refugees in Minnesota who qualify. There is no doubt that stress is part of the job for the dedicated service providers at ILCM.  They see first hand the devastating consequences of our current administration’s hardline immigration policies and actions.

That was reason enough for Kathy Zappa, a Welcome The Stranger member, to suggest a lunch treat for ILCM, and on Friday five members of Welcome The Stranger delivered a lunch that had been prepared by many volunteers.  By coincidence, the day that lunch was served was also an in-service day for ILCM staff to focus on coping mechanisms for potential stress and burn-out connected with their job.  Timing was perfect.  The ILCM staff was very appreciative.  

Thank you ILCM for what you do and thank you Welcome The Stranger – it takes a village and our village is strong.