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Welcome the Stranger Ministry Gathering!

Doesn't this photo make you want to join these people? You definitely should!

SJA has formed a new ministry - "Welcome the Stranger" - focused on our welcome of immigrants, asylees and refugees. We have hosted movie screenings and panel discussions with newcomers to our community, we have joined in Muslim-Christian dialogue and advocated for immigration reform that respects the dignity of all people, honors the contributions of workers in our community and keeps families together. We invited parishioners to join us in a border crossing simulation event, we have collected bus cards for asylees awaiting a hearing in this country and we have begun the process of involving SJA in our support for the sanctuary movement.

This ministry meets the second Monday of the month in the parish center (or, as you can see from the photo, we enjoy potluck meetings in members' homes!), and all are welcome to join us. Contact Julie Madden for the next meeting date and location. We declare that hospitality, compassion and love are core components of our Christian life, and we are committed to being a presence of justice and welcome in our community.