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Wednesday Lent Learning: Songs of the Heart

Experience the human connection through the songs shared by our own SJA musicians. Discussion and sharing of the music that touches our lives was the description for the evening and it was definitely heart felt. Pete Johnson, our SJA Gym Mass drummer opened the program explaining why Notes Matter when music is composed, and had Tommy Barbarella play different combinations as examples. Notes matter when determining how music speaks to our heart. 

The program moved on to our SJA musicians sharing about and performing songs that spoke to their hearts: 
Terri Coates – So Far Away by Carole King
Fred and Anna Vagle – The Long Way Home by Fred Vagle
Tim Roehl – Coming to America by Neil Diamond
Steve Kremer – Second Story Window by Marc Benno
Tommy Barbarella – You Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones
After the performances, each musician was asked what musical experience touched them at our SJA Gym Masses, and each shared a memory.

90 minutes of music and discussion ended with the following prayer:
Loving and compassionate God, we ask you blessing on this community of St. Joan of Arc. We come in gratitude for the gift of music in our lives that inspires our prayer, our self-reflection, and our courage to act. Give us hearts wide enough to embrace all those whose lives we touch…give our voices breath enough to be a constant witness for justice, compassion and peace. Fill our hearts, O God, with song and our house with joy as we journey together…this path of the “heart of flesh.” Amen