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We Stood with Our Jewish Community

As we mourn the latest act of hatred and violence committed against a community of faith, we are also seeking ways to respond in love and solidarity. 

We contacted Rabbi Michael Latz at Shir Tikvah to offer a gathering of loving SJAers at Shir Tikvah this Friday evening before Shabbat services. This is his response: 
Thank you. We are so heart broken…. Words fail. 

That act would be powerful and welcome. Thank you. We’ll take all the love we can receive. 

Worship begins at 6:30pm. People arrive starting about 6pm. After you’ve been on the sidewalk, would you please join us in the sanctuary. It would be so nourishing and welcome and hopeful to be embraced….

With a shattered heart,

The Star Tribune posted an article about our response to the violence against our Jewish Brothers and Sisters. You can see the article HERE