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We Resist the Line 3 Pipeline

SJA, through our Antiracism and EcoSpirits ministries, is organizing a presence to stand with indigenous leaders in northern MN to resist the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline. We will also organize support and advocacy for these resistance efforts. Why are we opposed?
According to MN 350:

  • This pipeline will add as much CO2 to our atmosphere as 50 new coal-fired power plants every day for the next 60+ years.
  • It breaks tribal treaties.
  • It crosses 212 bodies of water in MN, including the Mississippi River, which means any leak could be catastrophic.
  • The MN Environmental Protection Act forbids any massive project that doesn't directly benefit Minnesotans. None of this oil is destined for us, or needed by us.
  • During the official process, 68,000 Minnesotans spoke against this project, and 4,000 spoke in favor.

Call Gov. Walz (651.201.3400) and let your voice be heard now, and contact Julie Madden to be involved in our SJA efforts.