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Warm Hands, Warm Hearts Thank You!

Thank you! Thank You! St. Joan of Arc, you came through in such an incredible way - as you always do. Between donated items and donated dollars, we will be able to outfit 500 children in our community with new winter coats, hats and mittens. 

We thank:
All of our generous donors
Our devoted volunteers
Our SJA maintenance staff - Steve Friedrichs and the crew
Our SJA finance office staff - Nancy McPherson and Margo Heaney
Our SJA front desk and communications staff - JP Fitzgibbons, Nancy Becker, Dennis Heaney, and Pam Oleson-Kremer
Fr. Jim DeBruycker and Fr. Jim Cassidy, for making this project a priority at SJA

And most of all, we thank our project leaders. Parishioners Anne Bartel, Jaine King, Mary Ahler, Karen Bloomberg Johnson and LeAnn Lundberg spent countless hours figuring out how to make this program work during a pandemic, and they refused to lower their expectations for how many children we could serve, regardless of the necessary restrictions. They are stellar. On behalf of our SJA community, we express our gratitude to this team, and to all of you who made this outpouring of compassion a reality once again. God bless you.