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A Vision For Future Immigration Policy

What is the Vision for Immigration Policy Under the Biden Administration? The SJA Welcome the Stranger ministry invites you to a two-part discussion on a vision for a new, just immigration policy, hope for implementing change and ways we can help make that happen.

Sunday, Jan. 31 at 1pm:  Part I - will focus on federal issues. Michele Garnett McKenzie is Deputy Director, Director of Advocacy and serves on the senior leadership team at The Advocates for Human Rights. She also leads the organization's research, education, and advocacy team and is responsible for The Advocates' domestic priority issues including migration, human trafficking, and policing.  Michele will moderate this session and lead us in a discussion of a hopeful future for immigration policy, with time for your questions.  Register here

Saturday, February 6th at 1:00 pm:  Part II - will focus on state issues.  This session will include discussion on state issues, such as:  What does sanctuary state mean and why is it important; and how do we best support it?  What is the impact, importance, and likelihood of passage of driver's licenses for all?  Other key state legislative issues that have significant impact on immigrants/migrants/refugees/asylees?  Register here