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Students in TN2 Send Greetings

St Joan of Arc works closely with partners in Tierra Nueva 2 to support a scholarship program for students in middle school and high school.  Every year, St Joan of Arc provides partial scholarships to 14-17 students in Guatemala, supporting families in overcoming barriers to education. The 2020 scholarship students sent their greetings and heartfelt thanks to St Joan of Arc through these letters and cards.  Despite the difficult circumstances of the pandemic, the students continue to persevere in seeking a better future for themselves and their families. Below are just a few quotes from the students' letterst. You can read the full letters and see their artwork in this PDF.

"Thanks to you I am able to attend high school, which is a dream come true." - Joseline

The scholarship "has given me space to continue my process of learning-teaching and prepare myself for a better professional future." - Rita

"Thank you for the support throughout this pandemic and thank you for thinking of us during these difficult times. This support has helped me to achieve some of my goals and I hope to keep reaching them everyday. May God bless you and be with you eternally." - Marleny

"I thank each of you by name, because thanks to you I can continue to reach my goals." - Edgar

"This year was a  very difficult year... The scholarship helped me cover the internet expenses and for that I will be forever grateful to you."  - Delmy