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Stop Line 3 Actions

As you know, the Enbridge Pipeline 3 is snaking its way through our precious Minnesota land and waters—covering 340 miles. It is compromising our climate, destroying our environment and breaking Native American treaties.

Immediate Actions:

CALL MN Governor Walz to Stop Line 3: 651.201.3464
JOIN the Solidarity Walk, Saturdays, 2-3pm on the Stone Arch Bridge over the Mississippi River
ATTEND the drumming circle gathering on the Mississippi River Thursday, August 19th, 1:30pm Harriet Island across from downtown St. Paul
PARTICIPATE: Currently in progress since August 7th, Treaty People Walk for Water, see website “Stop the Money Pipeline"
SUPPORT, Wednesday, August 25th, end of walk at the State Capitol
DISENGAGE from Liberty Mutual Insurance; Bank of America, Chase, Citigroup, RBC, Wells Fargo
Website Resources:
Line 3 Interfaith Response Team MNIPL <line3-interfaith-response-team [at]>
Line 3 Action Alerts <line3actionalerts [at]>
Stop the Money Pipeline <info [at]>