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St. Joan of Arc and the Sanctuary Movement

On January 24, 2017, Father Jim DeBruycker declared Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Community to be a Sanctuary Supporting Congregation. This powerful statement joined us to a network of more than 20 local faith communities partnering with ISAIAH to provide sanctuary and support to individuals or families facing deportation. ISAIAH is a coalition of faith communities working together for racial, economic and social justice, and we are a member congregation of ISAIAH. ("Roles of Sanctuary and Supporting Churches")

On Monday, February 27, Hospitality Hall was filled with over 85 curious parishioners who came to learn more about Sanctuary and Sanctuary Supporting Churches. ISAIAH Organizer Catalina Morales joined us to explain why ISAIAH is involved in the Sanctuary Movement, to clarify the roles of Sanctuary and Sanctuary Supporting Churches, and to answer the many questions attendees posed about our broken immigration system and the role of people of faith in seeking justice for all those who live and work in our communities. 

Meghan Grossman and Mary Jo Malecha shared "why and how" we arrived at the decision to join the Sanctuary Movement, including walking everyone through the timeline of events that lead to the decision.

We will keep parishioners apprised of opportunities for SJA to support congregations that are offering sanctuary. And for individuals who want to become involved immediately in this movement, we are offering a Rapid Response Network training on Tuesday, March 21 in Hospitality Hall from 7-9pm. People in this network will be alerted by text message when a raid is being conducted by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. The training on March 21st will prepare us to be present, vigilant and descriptive in our witness. We are well within our legal right and our faithful duty to be observers for the most vulnerable in our communities. RSVP to the parish center if you will join us for this training, and thank you to all who are joining us on this holy journey.

Here is a link to Catalina's original immigration and sancturary training: