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A Socially Distanced Vigil for Immigrants

Physically apart, but not spiritually, the vigilers at the September ICOM (Interfaith Coalition on Immigration) Immigration Court vigil joined together in support of their immigrant brothers and sisters. The vigil was hosted by St. Joan of Arc and we were blessed to have Lee and Grant Vague with us to raise us up in song. It was an unusually cold day, but the crowd was warmed by the moving prayers and reflections as we stood together outside the Whipple Federal Building. This is where immigration court is held, and people are often taken straight to the airport from the Whipple Building to be deported.

Some reasons to vigil:

  1.  During a 6-week period in July and August, ICE arrested more than 2,000 immigrants in the United States. This includes people with and without criminal histories. This is the largest number of rests by ICE during any 6-week period in the past seven years.
  2. This year, 5,469 ICE detainees have tested positive for COVID, and eight have died. 45 ICE detention staff have tested positive, but there is no available information about the number of staff in public or private jails that have tested positive.
  3. In the past 4 weeks, two immigrants that ICOM has supported have been deported. Their names are Gregorio (Mexico) and Daniela (Chile). A third, Deqa (Somalia) is facing imminent deportation.

We thank everyone who was with us. Please join our SJA Welcome the Stranger ministry to participate in upcoming actions in support of immigrants, asylees and refugees.