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Protecting Our Water: Relay For Our Water

St. Joan of Arc participated in the relay of Mni/ Nibi / Water throughout Minnesota in September (read it here). Our SJA EcoSpirits are sharing with us regarding further actions to protect our water. The following information comes from the organization MN 350 with some edits.

Nibi has been carried from the Headwaters of the Mississippi traveling over 1000 miles throughout Minnesota during the last two months connecting us with our love for water and our determination to protect her. 

On November 14th, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will make the final decision on one of the last remaining permits for the Line 3 pipeline, and we need your voice to let Commissioner Bishop know we are behind her in facing down corporate power and protecting water and climate from this dangerous project. The Line 3 pipeline, if built, would put over a dozen major watersheds at risk of oil spills, including a brand new corridor through the heart of precious wild ricing waters sacred to the Anishinaabe people, right by the Headwaters of the Mississippi where we began our relay.

What can you do? Contact Commissioner Laura Bishop, both by phone and email, (651-757-2014. Laura.bishop [at]; she makes the final decision on the water crossing permit for the Line 3 pipeline.

If it is approved, construction may begin this winter. If she denies the permit, the pipeline project is stopped in its tracks. We are calling on Commissioner Bishop to be courageous and live up to her lifelong commitment to protecting water and climate from disruption. We are reminding her through pictures from the Relay for our Water that many Minnesotans are behind her. She faces immense pressure, and we need to speak up and encourage her to make the right decision, to avert climate disaster, uphold treaty obligations and safeguard clean water for future generations.

Call Governor Walz at 651-201-3400. Leave a message stating YOUR reason you want him to STOP Line 3. Concerned about climate? Water? Native rights? Tell him. Remind him the Dept. of Commerce already proved that Enbridge failed the NEED requirement- we do NOT NEED this oil! Send the governor an email ( repeating your message.
Call Sarah Strommen, DNR Commissioner. 651-259-5022 Repeat your message. Sarah.Strommen [at]
Line 3 means game over for our climate. We must stop it. For more info, check:

Thank you for your action to protect Nibi!