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Preparing A Welcome for the 2019 TNII Delegation

Meet the Delegates from Tierra Nueva II, Guatemala!
We are beginning preparations to welcome the five people who have been elected by their peers at Our Lady of Guadalupe church, our beloved 'sister parish', to represent them during the 10-day delegation arriving here on August 2. This year is extra-special -- we will be celebrating the 25-year anniversary of St. Joan of Arc's relationship with Tierra Nueva II! We look forward to welcoming them joyfully into our community and our hearts.

These delegates represent various groups within Our Lady of Guadalupe church. They are pictured above (l to r):
Brandon Gonzalez (Cristo Vive/youth group)
Enio Guzman (church board)
Juana Morales Mendez (Christian base communities)
Alba Rivera (Peregrinos/Bible study group)
Odilia Vasquez (Women’s group)

If you would like to be involved in this summer's delegation experience -- whether as a host family, interpreter, driver, or participant in activities / celebrations -- watch the SJA bulletin for notices. Everyone is welcome.