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Postcards For Justice

On March 3rd, Family Mass families signed around 60 postcards to MN state majority leader, Senator Gazelka, asking him to reinstate driver’s licenses for immigrants in MN.

Archbishop Hebda has asked Minnesotans to work for this important human rights legislation, calling it our moral imperative to remember, welcome, and care for the stranger among us. Immigrants, regardless of status, had access to driver’s licenses in Minnesota until 2003. Every parent should have the right to take their kids to school, a doctor, or daycare. Driving without a license is one of the primary ways that people end up facing deportation. And our roads will be safer if everyone who's driving is allowed to take driving lessons. SJA kids get this.

SJA kids and families also know that immigrants are important members of our community. They are our families, friends, and neighbors. They should have the same rights as anyone else. On March 3rd, SJA families came together to ask our legislator to recognize the humanity of immigrants by working for driver’s licenses for all!