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Our Letter of Thanks

The weather was great, it was really fun, and it was somehow an orderly procession of about 200 cars full of people over the course of an hour, with people who kept thanking us for being there. One person said, "Wow, I've never done the Thanksgiving drive-thru before" and it made me laugh - certainly we haven't done it before, either!

And people, this is the best part:
For the past few years, we have collected 7-800 pounds of food at our Thanksgiving Day service. On Friday, thanks to essential help from Larry Baker and the Neufeldt-Thomas family, we dropped off 3,187 pounds of food collected at our drive-thru to the Aliveness Project.

One more time for the back row: 3,187 POUNDS OF FOOD.

Not to mention, we also collected gift cards for the Jesse Tree, gifts for Wreath of Love, and at least 100 Christmas cards for families in immigration detention.

A good day. A gratitude day.
Thanks to all, and Happy Advent!