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Our Annual Solidarity Walk Recap

What a beautiful, sunny day for a Solidarity Walk!! Over twenty people from St. Joan’s masked up and gathered at Minnehaha Falls to reflect on our 26 year Sister Parish relationship and bonds of love and solidarity with Tierra Nueva Dos in Guatemala. The theme of the Walk, “We Are Called”, was especially appropriate for these challenging times. 

We started with a greeting circle and then launched several self-directed groups (3-4 people each) to walk, read and reflect at three virtual “stations”. The discussion questions were:

  • How have you experienced the love of God and love of neighbor in our Sister Parish relationship?
  • What keeps us from loving more fiercely, dreaming more expansively, or acting more bravely?
  • What have you learned from our brothers and sisters in Central America, and how can we work together to create a more just world?

Our closing prayer was by parishioner Ross Starkson:

Let us remember that we are always and everywhere in the presence of God.
God, you are calling us into the future on a path that sometimes seems steeper than it should be. Help us to remember that we are not alone.
Others, too, have been called.
Some of them will greet us with open arms, jubilant hearts, and welcoming homes that will be sacraments of your healing in the world.
Some will speak to us of things that we do not want to hear and will reveal the pain of their wounds. Wounds that cut us deeply even in the midst of our ignorance. They are the sacraments of your compassion.
Some will invite us into their world with the simple hope that we will want to enter. They are the sacraments. of your kingdom.
We are being called into your future. Help us to embrace it with all of the hope you have for it. Help us to be sacraments of your love in the world.

Even though we can’t be together with our sisters and brothers in Guatemala right now, this gathering helped fill our longing for community and hermanamiento

We thank our SJA Sister Parish ministry for your steadfast love and faith. For more information on this ministry, contact Julie Madden at the parish center.