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New SJA Photo Directory

It’s been seven years since our last SJA photo directory so it’s time for an update and we’re going to do that in May and June.  We are partnering with Lifetouch for our new book and they are providing the directory at no cost to us.  Every family photographed will receive a complimentary directory as well as an 8x10 portrait. 

For your convenience, all photography and portrait viewing will take place at the Arc, across the street from the church.  You will have a variety of poses taken and one pose will be selected for the directory. In addition to your complimentary 8x10, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional portraits on the day of your portrait session.  We will have more information on your choices and cost in the next couple of weeks. 

Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to be professionally photographed.  We are looking forward to seeing you in our directory. Scheduling your photo time is easy.  You can begin today by following this link