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Outreach Sunday

Justice Grants Spring 2019

This Is The Good News!

Thanks to our St. Joan of Arc Outreach Fund, twice a year we award Justice Grants to organizations in which our parishioners are committed volunteers and leaders. Through these grants we have the opportunity to partner with you – the community of SJA – in your commitment to justice in the world, and we also have the privilege of partnering with incredible projects and organizations.

Our Justice Grant Committee just met and awarded the following grants. These parishioners make up our Justice Grant committee, and we thank them for their discernment: Barb Schubring; Paul Leighton, Judy Saumweber, Karen Waldron, Kathy Wedl, Kate Seng, LouAnne Sexton, Ryan Schultz, Rita Benak, Jeanne Leighton, Mary Jo Malecha, Dave Saumweber and Julia Hobday.

We thank everyone involved in this in the work of these organizations, and we especially thank our donors to the SJA Outreach Fund for making this possible:

The Advocates for Human Rights: $5000 to ensure legal services to asylum seekers (726 asylees were served in 2018), trafficking victims (76 in 2018) and immigrants (over 200 last year).  Letters of support from parishioner volunteers Joel Racchini and Jay Lindgren

ComMUSICation: $5000 to help this St. Paul-based youth development organization provide daily music rehearsal as well as homework help, snack, dinner and transportation to more than 100 youth per week. Our grant will go toward paying for a choir concert tour – the choir has performed at the Ordway, MN Opera, and at Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis! Letters of support from parishioners Abbe Pederson and Jean Hartman

Health Care for All MN: $5000 to support efforts to educate, advocate and organize for affordable, high quality health care for every Minnesotan. Letters of support from parishioners Joe Muldoon and Maura Fitzgerald

Casa Guadalupana: $4800 to provide shelter to 16 people seeking asylum in the U.S. The residence is a property owned by St. Matthew’s Catholic Church. Letters of support from parishioners Bob Wedl and Maureen Cuddigan

Mind Body Solutions: $5000 to introduce mind-body practices to staff and volunteers working with victims/survivors of sexual violence.  MBS also trains yoga teachers from around the world to work with people who are living with trauma, loss and disability. Letters of support from parishioners Annie Hickman, Louise Jankowski and Rob Ley

MN Literacy Council: $5000 to the Northside Open Door learning program for English language learners.  Letters of support from parishioners Jay Lindgren and Michael Mann

Conversations with Friends: $5000 to this all-volunteer group that visits, writes cards to, and provides safe release and accompaniment to people detained in immigration custody in Minnesota. Letters of support from parishioners Meghan Grossman and Katharine Malaga

Hamline Midway Elders: Living at Home/Block Nurse Program:  $3750 to enhance the lives of neighborhood elders with supportive services, visits, transportation and chore assistance, as well as community activities. Letters of support from parishioners Cheri LeMay Sheehan and RJ Kemp-Stevens

Listening House of St. Paul, Inc.: $5000 to this house of hospitality to provide welcome, refuge, support and community to adults who are lonely, poor or homeless. Letters of support from parishioners Jeanne Leighton and Judy Wolff

St. Stephen’s Human Services: $5000 to assist in providing emergency shelter to more than 1000 guests experiencing homelessness each year. Letters of support from parishioners Jeff Busch and Jodi Trost.

St. Mary’s Health Clinics: $5000 to provide free, necessary health care to low-income and uninsured people in our community. Our grant focuses on the clinic at 3400 Park Avenue, which serves primarily Hispanic and Latino patients. Letters of support from parishioners Dr. Joe Tombers and Dr. Dave Dvorak.

Urban Homeworks: $5000 to continue developing safe and affordable housing and partner with low-income households to build a strategic network of good neighbors and to help repair the system of exclusion of citizens of color from homeownership.  Letters of support from parishioners Bill Adamski and Jeff Busch

MicroGrants: $4000 to help break the cycle of poverty by providing small grants to low-income people to invest in transportation, education, small businesses and skill building. Clients are referred by 43 partner agencies. Letters of support from parishioners Joan Cornwell and Sam Selvaggio

We are grateful to the members of our Justice Grant committee for your great work.