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"Just Mercy" at SJA

On a cold January evening, more than 30 SJAers joined our Antiracism ministry for the opening screening of "Just Mercy", the story of Bryan Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative, the organization he founded to work for criminal justice reform. EJI takes on cases of individuals who have been wrongfully convicted, and also works for the systemic change needed in our nation.

Both the book and the movie "Just Mercy" are incredibly powerful indictments of our criminal justice system and the impact on people of color and people in poverty.

We followed up our movie night with a discussion that asked "How has 'Just Mercy' changed your consciousness and your conscience about justice and mercy?" We also shared some positive news about recently enacted changes in Minnesota, and proposed reforms that will need our support. Our faith grounds us in the power of redemptive love to heal us and make us whole. Our work on behalf of those who have been chewed up by our criminal justice system is, at its root, an expression of our belief in truly just mercy.