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An Interfaith Service Embracing Immigrants and Refugees

Saint Joan of Arc Immigrant Justice Advocates Boarded The Bus to the Basilica: An Interfaith Service Embracing Immigrants and Refugees

More than 30 parishioners spent Sunday afternoon, January 7, 2018, at an interfaith service embracing immigrants and refugees.  Through testimony, prayer, and music hundreds of attendees from synagogues, the Muslim community, and churches of all denominations of Christianity recognized our common bond and dignity as beloved children of God.  The stories from both those who have offered and taken sanctuary demonstrated the great impact this ministry can have.  In multiple languages we celebrated a year of sanctuary; repented for the times we've failed to see each other as children of God; and--moving into the 2018 MN Legislative Session and election campaign season--pledged to see and talk about each other as a united community in both our personal conversations and public discourse.  

Special music was provided by Mundus, the Basilica's resident world music ensemble with guest singers from some of 50+ sanctuary congregations.  Community singing was led by Ahmed Anzaldua from Border CrosSing. 

Thank you to all who attended, signed postcards for a clean DACA bill, and raised up their prayers for immigrants this Sunday.