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Interfaith Coalition on Immigration Vigil

Each month, on the second Tuesday at 7:30am, the Interfaith Coalition on Immigration hosts a vigil at the Whipple Federal Building, where detained immigrants are brought to trial. From here, many are taken in white, windowless vans directly to the airport to be deported. On August 13, members of St. Joan of Arc led the vigil of prayer, music and meditation, in solidarity with those whom God has called us to love fiercely - "the widow, the orphan and the alien." An estimated 200 people were in attendance for this witness. As we prayed, vans carrying our brothers and sisters passed us, and we hope they heard our prayers for them. We were also given a "thumbs up" by a couple of the van drivers, and we hope they heard our prayers for them as well. Our shared humanity is our greatest hope, and we are grateful to all who attended and all who work for change in our immigration system.