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Holiday Cards for Immigrant Families

On Sunday, December 1, almost 300 holiday cards were collected after mass for immigrant families in detention centers in Texas and Pennsylvania. It was our first Sunday of Advent, when we introduced our theme: "What Are We Waiting For?", and we wrote Christmas greetings of love and solidarity in Spanish and English to these brothers and sisters, waiting on immigration hearings, waiting for deportation. Can we even begin to imagine what this waiting must be like? Since 2014, family detention has increased by 4000%, and thousands of children remain separated from their families. This is inhumane and wrong - detention is not a solution to a lack of movement on comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families united, respects the rights of workers, and provides a clear path to legal status. We thank Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services for distributing these cards, and our Welcome the Stranger ministry for coordinating this effort. And we thank you, SJA, for sending these wishes of peace and goodwill. One card read "I wish you could move to St. Paul and be my neighbor." May it be so.