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Easter Alfombra

“Peace builds bridges, whereas hatred is the builder of walls. You must decide, in life: either I will make bridges or I will make walls. Walls divide and hatred grows: when there is division, hatred grows. Bridges unite, and when there is a bridge hatred can go away, because I can hear the other and speak with the other. When you shake the hand of a friend, of a person, you make a human bridge”. 
-- Pope Francis (excerpt from greetings to young Italians in Krakow, Poland, July 28, 2016)

Did you notice the richly colored alfombra ("carpet" in Spanish) outside of the gym on Easter Sunday?  It was created by our Sister Parish committee in solidarity with our family in Tierra Nueva Dos, Guatemala, where the Alfombra is a Holy Week tradition. This year's theme was, "Let's build bridges, not walls." We thank all the enthusiastic volunteers who worked on our Alfombra.