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Christmas Cards of Comfort

Our SJA Welcome the Stranger ministry partnered with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service to provide a message of support and unity to migrant families held in three U.S. detention centers. It is a small gesture, but it is something we can do to let families and children know they are not forgotten at this time of year, when Christians celebrate the birth of the migrant Jesus. More than 16,000 cards were distributed last year.

St. Joan of Arc, you have responded yet again to our call for help. We asked for Christmas cards with greetings of solidarity for families in immigration detention centers in our country, and we just mailed 900 cards. We are overwhelmed. Cards came in from as far away as Iowa and Michigan, so you really put the word out, SJA!

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in detention, and let us commit to immigration reform that unites families, honors the dignity of work, and creates a path to legal residency.