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Build Gather Grow: A St. Joan of Arc Capital Campaign for Our Future

March 27, 2017
Capital Campaign Report from Fr. Jim DeBruycker 

In the past couple of months we have reached out to the entire SJA community with an invitation to participate in our •Build •Gather •Grow Capital Campaign.  I’m pleased – and gratified – to report to you that the cash and commitments response to date is excellent.  Thanks to the continued generosity of so many in SJA we are only $500,000 from our almost $3 million goal.  

As I said at the outset of the campaign, we appreciate the support – no matter how much – of every member of the SJA community.  This is a 3 year campaign so you can still make a gift.  Please take a few minutes and look over the commitment card you received in the mail or can find in the back of Church or Gym entrances.  Consider what you want to give, write that down on the card, seal the card in the envelope provided and return it to the Parish Center in the mail or Sunday collection. 

Thank you to all who have given so far and to each and every person who will be giving in the near future.  Your generosity, prayers and participation make SJA a community that really does “walk the walk”.

January 26, 2017
Dear SJA Parishioner, 
In my “Pastor’s 2 Cents” column on Christmas Day, I promised to update you on the progress of our initial steps in the Capital Campaign. This is the first update.  

In order to have a successful capital campaign we need to “jump start” our efforts by incremental steps that started in December with personal invitations and conversations with some members of the SJA community as well as a number of small group gatherings before the end of the 2016 tax year.  According to the summary reports we have received generous financial support from a number of those we visited with and are awaiting decisions from others.  

Currently we are in the next phase – invitations to SJA member households directly and actively involved in the 92 plus ministries, organizations and activities of SJA. We built a comprehensive list that identified and invited them to one of four identical 60-minute Circles of Support gatherings in the past few weeks. We held one hour sessions that provided an opportunity to review a 5-minute video presentation on the proposed projects, present a personalized folder to each household and invited each attendee to return home to privately/confidentially reach their financial decision, based on their personal circumstances. 

In the coming weeks we will invite all SJA members and visitors to offer their financial support through a dignified, respectful and confidential process. The invitation will be a convenient and efficient way to offer your support without the need for someone to personally visit you in your home.

Please remember that the addition of a Welcome Center and the restoration of our Church are efforts to nurture the welcome SJA is committed to offer each and every person who visits and/or joins our community. They are also investments in our facilities for those who follow us. We ask for your continued prayers for the success of our campaign and we thank you for your generosity.  Also, I want to express my personal thanks to the leadership of this campaign for their commitment of time and talent: Co-chairs, Paul and Lynn Hempe; Jack Burbidge, Maureen Carlson, Elaine Hauff, Mike McCloskey and Ellen Velasco Thomson.

Finally, last November we held a series of listening sessions for interested parishioners to present the early project plans. There were a lot of comments that we recorded and they are attached (Listening Sessions).  This list has served as basis of discussion for our Facilities Committee.  Also, there is a revised list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the projects and Capital Campaign for your review.

Fr. Jim DeBruycker 

January 2017
In late October parishioners Paul and Lynn Hempe, co-chairs of our Build, Gather, Grow Capital Campaign, made a presentation to the Saint Joan of Arc community on the proposal to expand and improve SJA facilities, including the restoration of the Church and the plans to build a Welcome Center. We invite you to watch the short video (above) that will give you a look at both the Welcome Center and the planned restoration of the Church.
Since that presentation we have held three listening sessions for parishioners to gather opinions and questions on the Gym and Church plans as well as three sessions with parishioners to discuss the specifics of our Capital Campaign. We are very gratified by the reception to the building and restoration plans as well as the positive response to our Capital Campaign.  We do know that there are some questions and we have included answers to some of the more frequently asked questions. FAQs

We are also compiling some comments and observations we heard and noted during the listening sessions. We haven’t necessarily been able to answer all but we will try to in the weeks ahead.

In the next couple of months you will be learning more about our Capital Campaign and receive your invitation to participate in this major effort to ensure build on the SJA welcoming spirit. In the meantime, if you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact our Capital Campaign Cabinet (capitalcampaign [at]

We hope you have a most beautiful Christmas season and New Year.

SJA Campaign Cabinet
Paul and Lynn Hempe, Fr. Jim DeBruycker, Jack Burbidge, Maureen Carlson, Elaine Hauff, Mike McCloskey, Dennis Heaney (staff), Nancy McPherson (staff)